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Family research of the names
Schnell, Köller, Balke, Redeker

So eine Arbeit wird eigentlich nie fertig,
man muss sie für fertig erklären,
wenn man nach Zeit und Umständen
das Möglichste getan hat.

Goethe, 1787

Such work never really finishes;
one has to declare it finished,
if, taking into account time and circumstances,
everything possible has been done.

Goethe, 1787
(my translation)

Here are some of my research results. At the moment I have about 1000 names in my database. From each person I can find a path to another person. My research is not limited to the ususal 'time-in-depth' research. I look into the width as well. For that reason I included a family tree of my brother's wife which reaches way back into the 14th century. In the moment I see my work in the sense of 'digital conservation of the already available knowledge'.

Right now I am working on a database of all SCHNELLs which I can reach. This database has already grown to a decent size and includes Schnells from the 'former German areas' in Russia in the East and up to Canada in the West.

If you carry the birthname SCHNELL please send me an email with the following information: Firstname, Lastname, Birthdate, Birthplace and relevant data of your father/mother. I will keep that data in my research database. I will get back to you should I ever find a link to someone else in my database.


All collected data is being used only for my private hobby and will by no means used for any commercial purposes. I will not publish invidual data of my research database as long as their is no link to my official familiy tree.

List of names
List of individuals

In the context of the familiy research I stumbled across family relationships and their names. While definied relatively formal and very well in the English speaking community it is a bit more of an adventure in my own mother tongue. Hence, here is what I found out for English and German speaking readers of this page.


Wer kann Angaben zu den hier erwähnten Personen machen kann oder ist vielleicht mit diesen verwandt? In diesem Fall kann mir bitte eine Nachricht zukommen lassen. Auch wenn nur Namensgleichheiten bestehen kann man mir eine Nachricht zukommen lassen. Ich nehme die Daten gerne auf und wer weiss, vielleicht ergibt sich ja doch irgendwann eine Verbindung und dann werde ich mich melden.


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