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Welcome to the Home of ScionBrowser.

ScionBrowser, written by myself, is an add-on to ScionGenealogist written by Robbie J. Akins. Robbie provided his software to the Amiga community to allow them capture their family data. However, in one of my first emails to Robbie, I mentioned that somehow I felt something is missing. At that time I could not really describe what this missing piece was.

After two years of usage, I sat down and designed ScionBrowser. And BINGO, instead of describing what I felt was missing, I had the solution. A browser which allows to graphically walk through the family data.

So, here is my contribution to the Amiga community. ScionBrowser allows to select a person (ContextPerson) for which the family tree will be drawn on the screen. All ancestors to the left, all descendants to the right. If the tree extends over the visible display use the mouse to scroll the display. Single click with the left mouse button on any person in the tree, and some personal data for that person will be displayed in the status panel. This includes the relationship from the ContextPerson to this InfoPerson. Double click on any person and this person will become the ContextPerson, resulting in a complete redraw of the tree.

How much does ScionBrowser cost ?

A simple email to me stating your Amiga model, OS version and available RAM will be sufficient.

Where do you get ScionGenealogist and/or ScionBrowser from ?

Point of Contact


Frank Schnell


Robbie J. Akins

Is ScionBrowser still maintained ?

No, unfortunately I had to face giving up my Amiga. Even worse, the source code does not exist anymore. After more than 10 years the floppy disks were not readible anymore.

I am now using Windows based Intel PC and found a very good and free piece of software to capture my family data. Take a look at PAF. It is worth it. And Robbie was very close to this. The only thing I miss is my graphical browser.

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